Doll Hair

Braids, Braids, Braids………

I am not that great at braiding yet, but my mom sure is! She used to show horses and did all the braiding for her show barn. These are some of my most favorite braids. In the first pic, Abby has 2 french braids down each side. She has ribbons braided in.  Maryellen is in the second photos with a classic french braid down the back. Her ribbon coordinates with her outfit. And lastly we have Samantha. She has a side french braid that goes from ear to ear, low on her head. The end is left in a low pony.  My mom and I have thought of starting a little business doing AG Doll hair for all the girls out there that need some hair help! Lucky for me, my mom loves to do my dolls hair. We set them up in a salon chair and give each girl a new style usually every week.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Abby, Maryellen and Samantha with some of my most favorite braids.

20 thoughts on “Braids, Braids, Braids………

  1. Wow! That’s so pretty! Samantha’s is my favorite. I’m getting a lot better at French braiding doll hair. But I cannot master the waterfall French braid. I’ve been trying it on Mary Grace and it just looks loosey goosey. I bet your mom could do it! Does she still work with horses?


    1. No, not anymore. She grew up on a horse boarding stable, training, showing, and giving lessons. Then my granparents sold the stable and my oldest of 3 brother came along! She still works with horse 4H groups putting on clinics so the kids can prepare for fair. Keep working on those braids, that’s what my mom says!!

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    1. I can’t decide which is my favorite, I just love them all. Abby has layered hair so it is hard to braid it. That is one of the complaints on the AG website about her (she is a Truly Me) hair being hard to braid. But my mom always manages to get her braids looking just right!

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  2. All of the hairstyles are so pretty! Your mom is a really good braider. I think that would be cool to open a little business for doing doll hair!


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  3. My mom said I could do the washing and conditioning, and she could do the styling. We do my grandma’s dolls hair. She has Saige, Grace, and Kit for model dolls to try on dresses she sews. But she is not the best at doing hair, so she brings them to me! She bought an new in the box Saige, but since she had been retired for a few years her hair was a little dry. My mom took care of that and now it is silky and gorgeous again. I love Saige’s hair!!!


    1. Thank you Jaclynn! My mom showed in the Appaloosa Horse circuit in a National level. She started with POA’s when she was 8 years old. It grew into a big business for my grandparents. At one point they boarded over 330 horses and had an indoor riding arena!!!

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  4. She used to give riding lessons and had a “lesson horse” she used for all the kids. She saved the kid saddle just in case we want to get back into horses again someday. We have a big farm, but my dad uses it all to grow crops!

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