Super Bloopers!

I thought it was time to share another blooper. I was thinking of posting my bloopers on Friday’s to give you a good smile! Why not, it’s the end of the week, the weekend is upon us and smiling makes us feel happy! So, I have quickly come to realize in my first 2 weeks as a blogger, that many of my bloopers are created by my pets.Β  They seem to like to photo bomb, or just plain take over photo shoots. So here is a blooper from a camping post I’ve been working on. My Cat Pearl is the star of this post!

Happy Friday,


Pearl has taken over the AG tent!
What is in that sleeping bag, and why is it in my tent?????

15 thoughts on “Super Bloopers!

  1. Pearl is a pretty funny kitty, and kind of mean! Right after this picture I tried to get her out of the tent, and she hissed at me and bit my hand! She was a Ferrel cat that was tamed so she has that “fight for your life” instinct still in her. She is 3 years old

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