Saturday Styles

Saturday Styles-Maryellen’s School Dress

Good Morning everyone! It is time for my Saturday Styles post. For those of you who are not familiar, every Saturday I post a One-of-a-Kind, handmade AG girl outfit. These are made by my Grandma. Lots of times I will see an outfit in the AG catalog, and ask her very sweetly, if she can make me one just like it. Today I am featuring Maryellen’s school dress that my grandma made me for Christmas this year. I got Maryellen for Christmas as well. I just loved this dress when I saw it for the first time. The purple check is so cute! I decided to have Samantha model it today. Her hair style is 2 low, loop braids with matching ribbons. This is a lot like Kristin’s style that she wears.



Maryellen’s School Dress, handmade
Very cute with the low braid loops.
Long ribbon in the back to make a cute bow at ther waist.
Love the black ribbon touches.
Snap on bow, to put under her collar
So cute, I side swept her bangs a little!



19 thoughts on “Saturday Styles-Maryellen’s School Dress

    1. Thank you Jaclynn! I am always amazed at how they look like the real thing, even better! My grandma doesn’t make the shoes, but gets them from an online store to match. I forgot to model the matching headband that she made with this. It is black with a purple Rosette flower off set to the side.

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  1. Aw, Samantha is so cute! And the dress is amazing; it’s even better than the real thing! Of course, I am always partial to handmade clothes, since my mom always makes clothes for my dolls. šŸ™‚


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    1. It is hard to tell sometimes. But, when you really look close you can see all the extra time my grandma spent. It takes her hours and hours to make one dress! But she enjoys it, so that makes me happy.Thank you for the compliment, I will pass it on to my grandma!

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