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Sunday Sweets!

Today after church I decided to make Chocolate Crinkle Cookies with the girls. My mom went on a trip with my dad and found me some really cool American Girl Doll cooking items. Did you know that William-Sonoma has an exclusive line of AG bakeware? Here is the link

My mom brought me back a Girl and doll size matching apron that comes with an oven mitt.  The human size rubber scrapper, and the AG cookbook book, which has some very good recipes! Today I made the Chocolate Crinkle Cookies from the cookbook. Abby, Maryellen, and Samantha made their own doll sized, and my Mom and I made human size. My brothers are so excited about the Sunday Sweets post (they are the taste testers), they want us to keep doing it! Actually, they have already picked out next Sunday’s treat to make

Happy Sunday


William-Sonoma American Girl Bakeware line. Child size apron & mitt, doll size apron & mitt, human size rubber scrapper, cookbook.
This cookbook has some really good recipes!


Human size rubber scrapper with the AG stars, isn’t that cute!!
Me and Maryellen getting ready to bake
Sunday Sweets time!
Samantha is in an apron from Grace baking set that came in a box with a book, Maryellen, and Abby
Getting ready to begin
Abby Mixing up the chocolate cookie dough
Samantha Scooping
Dough rolled in powdered sugar
Only 4 more minutes!!!!
Completed cookies cooling
The girls enjoying cookies and milk on a Sunday afternoon. What a great way to start the week.
The recipe, if you can’t read it, I can write it out for everyone so you can try it. It is worth your time,trust me my brothers and dad eat almost all of them already!

20 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets!

  1. This is so cool! I have the Cookbook and the Madeleine baking set and here are some of the recipes I have tried out:
    -The chocolate chip cookie sandwiches
    -the caramel glazed blondies
    -the chocolate dipped vanilla Madeleines
    -the chocolate Madeleines
    -The pinwheeel ice box cookies
    Have fun! Great post!

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      1. I did not get any of those, but the icebox cookies weren’t too hard! You basically make sugar cookie dough, spit it in half, roll the ends together, refrigerate, cut the pieces, and bake!


  2. Oh My Gosh your dollies did such a wonderful job of baking Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. Those are one of our favorites. I can see how and why your dad and brothers gobbled them up. I love your baking set and I know Grace would love it also.

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