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Sunday Styles….Car-Hop for 50’s Diner

Well, I had such a busy weekend that I didn’t get a chance to do my Saturday Styles or Sunday Sweets! So I am doing a Sunday Styles post instead. For those of you that are new to my blog, Saturday/Sunday Styles is handmade one of a kind clothing items made by my Grandma.Β  Today I am showcasing Maryellen, modeling the “Car-Hop” outfit. I got the OG Diner for Christmas, along with Maryellen. So my grandma made me this diner uniform for Maryellen to wear when she goes to work. My grandma is eventually going to have an Etsy Store, were you can purchase these handmade items. Until then, I will let you get a sneak peek once a week!

Happy Sunday!Β  XOXO Kara

Car-Hop outfit for the 50’s Diner
Serving up Milkshakes and Banana Splits
No Car-Hop is complete, unless you have your skates!
Maryellens hair is so beautiful!
Hat, I used white bobby pins to hold it in place.
Back of skirt with bow from the apron.
Red gingham detailing around the hems lines
This is a back view, minus the apron. Look at the cute detail with the little star button that matches the button on her top.
Complete with little matching undies, in class you take a spill while skating.
Apron embroidered with Fries



19 thoughts on “Sunday Styles….Car-Hop for 50’s Diner

    1. It is mine to keep! My Grandma made me this one for Christmas. When she makes 1 outfit, she usually makes another one just like it. One for me and one to sell on her Etsy Shop. But she’s building her inventory right now since each outfit can take many hours/days to complete. She is a stickler for details, every seam has to be perfect, every pocket straight, ect……… Glad you like it!

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  1. This is adorable and the detail is incredible. Great job, Kara’s grandma!
    And I am loving Maryellen’s hair.πŸ˜„What if I got her? Just one more doll…no, I can’t…. Agh! But she’s super pretty.


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