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All Glammed Up……….

Last night, I decided that Maryellen and Samantha were going to get Glammed Up! Not for any particular reason, just to try out some new hair styles. It was hump day after all, and I was in the mood for some AG play to get me through the rest of my week.

I wanted to let you know, that I am going to be going somewhere very special for the long weekend with my family. I won’t be doing my usually posts over the weekend, but I will be posting some exciting adventure photos. Now, I have to figure out which girl to bring with me, since my mom said we don’t have room for them all to join in!


Samantha and Maryellen all Glammed Up!
Maryellen has the French Twist, and Samatha has 5 top twists.
My mom helped me with these styles
With this style you take 5 sections, and twist grabbing hair along the way. Secure with an elastic and add ribbons!
The low French Twist is beautiful! instead of leaving her ponytail long, I just tucked it under
Side view.

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