Friday Funnies….or just Sweetness!

On Friday’s I like to share Bloopers of my photo shoots. I enjoy a good laugh, it makes you feel great to laugh out Loud!!  Anyway, my bloopers tend to be mostly of my 2 pets Crockett the Golden Retriever, and Pearl my Kitty (who happens to be pure white and has one Blue and one Green eye)!

Today’s pics aren’t so much funny as they are sweet!  I never realized until I started writing this blog, how much my pets add to my life and my family.  They are always around, within close proximity to any activity. Sometimes annoying, but always happy to see me and love on me! Pets add so much to a home. Who all has a pet? Can you share with me what kind of pet/pets you have and their names?

Happy Friday,


While doing Abby’s Poodle Skirt photo shoot. I noticed that Pearl was in the background, with one leg hanging out of the chair!
Another View of Pearl. Fast asleep in the afternoon sun, enjoying being a cat. Wouldn’t it be great to be a cat?!

13 thoughts on “Friday Funnies….or just Sweetness!

    1. Nikon D5100, the pixels are really high at over 3,000. My mom usually converts the the files down to 500, which takes away from some of the clarity, but still fine. This pics were not converted, they are full pixel, and usually my featured image is full pixel.


      1. They’re all indoor. And they pretty much get along, but if Jascha gets really hungry he’ll start attacking the other cats but he never hurts them. One day it was really cold and I found all 4 of them sleeping on top of each other in a stuffed chair!

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