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Sunday Styles….Spring is Coming!!!!!

I know many of you may be saying “Is she crazy, we are buried under 6 ft of snow”! But really, Spring is coming. Where I live, we have Daffodils and crocuses that started blooming last week. And for the rest of you, don’t fear your Spring will come in due time!

For my Sunday Styles post, I wanted to share with you a Spring dress my Grandma made. If your not familiar with Sunday Styles, these are a one-of-a-kind, handmade outfit, by my very talented Grandma. This dress was given to me last weekend as a Valentines day gift.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos from our shoot this morning.

Happy “almost” Spring,


As you can see Saige is looking adorable in her Spring wear!
The fabric used is a cute little floral with contrasting material for the pockets and neckline.
Pink leather like shoes with bows
Delicate lace rickrack trim
A shot with her hair pulled over her one shoulder
Side view, Saige is so pretty!
other side, her shoes are cute and practical
A Flower for you!


Those eyes, I just love Saige’s eye color!



19 thoughts on “Sunday Styles….Spring is Coming!!!!!

  1. Saige you are so adorable in your beautiful dress. Please share what she is sitting on. It is a very clever photo shoot. I love her flower. The pink shoes are so ADORABLE!!!


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