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Friday Funnies….Birthday Bloopers

Tomorrow is somebodies Birthday, and Pearl just had to crash the party! My mom and I were working on a Birthday post for tomorrow and the cat was up to her usual hi-jinx. This time she found a little black bug and decided to catch it…….and the rest can be seen below!

Happy Friday


There’s a Bug, There’s a Bug…………
Don’t fear, I’ll come around the backside and bust through this party!
Oh NO, I knocked Saige over!
The only thing to do now is hide, and hope the humans didn’t see me!

13 thoughts on “Friday Funnies….Birthday Bloopers

    1. My Polar Bear’s name is Freddie, but he mostly goes by Polar Bear. 😉 I know, they are! They usually look so innocent, too!



  1. LOL, my cats do that all the time too although ( confession ) sometimes it’s me who accidentally knocks over one of them during a photoshoot. I can totally relate to this!


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