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Today is our Birthday!!!!!!!

Today is my birthday, which I share with Abby! Abby was my very first doll, given to me last year on my birthday. So naturally we share the same day! This past year has been so awesome sharing it with my very own AG doll. I don’t remember what it was like without my friend Abby around. She adds so much joy to our home, and has welcomed in her sisters Maryellen and Samantha throughout this past year.

I did a photo shoot yesterday with my mom to show Abby’s celebration with her sisters and friend Saige.Β  It was a fun party complete with cake and presents, and a photo bombing cat(see yesterday’s post for more on that!).

I have some more exciting news to share……I got a new doll this morning from my Mom, Dad and brothers. I will revile her to you tomorrow. Who do you think I got?Β  I will give you a hint, she is retired!!!!!

Talk tomorrow,


Abby in her Birthday t shirt. It is from the AG bistro. I had lunch there last year and they gave me this cute shirt that says “Lets Celebrate” in a cute mini ag shopping bag.
Waiting for her friends to arrive
Make a wish and blow!
Look at those adorb sandals!!
The friends are all here, time for cake!
Samantha is so excited
Present time.

22 thoughts on “Today is our Birthday!!!!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Kara! It’s so exciting that you got to dolls and even more excited that you added two more to your collection. Rebecca is such a sweet doll and you will enjoy her forever. Isabel is perfect addition since you love to dance. Happy Birthday sweetheart.

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