The Doll Family

Not One, but Two!!!!!

Good Morning,

So yesterday I was sharing with you that it was mine and Abby’s Birthdays. And for my birthday my family got me a new AG Doll! Well, I want to share her with you today. Nobody guessed but, she is a retired GOTY and I have always dreamed about her!

The other exciting news is that last night, my grandparents came over and brought me another AG Doll for my birthday!!! I know, so exciting isn’t it?Ā  This girl is a Beforever Doll that I have wanted. She too has been on my wish list. I started reading her book last night, and can’t wait to get the second one!


We went from a family of 3 to a family of 5 sisters in just one year. WOW, that is a lot to take in right now. I am going to need to get bunk beds set up, ASAP!

I hope you all enjoyed playing the guessing game with me, and I will update my “Meet the Girls” section of my blog soon to add the new sisters.


Who do you think I am? Look at my hair color and take a guess!
The one and only Isabelle! GOTY of 2014. I have always wanted her because I am dancer as well.


Take a guess, who is behind the fan? This one is easier.
You got it, Rebecca Rubin and she is so adorable!
My Rebecca came out of the box with really curly hair, anyone else have really curly haired Rebbeca? I love it, it is just not like her pictures that I have seen.



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