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Annual AG Store Visit 2016…What a trip!

Last weekend my mom and I headed out on our annual AG Store visit.  The closest store to me is about 3 1/2 hours drive, so we make a weekend of it.  We woke up early on Saturday and drove to the store.  It was a beautiful sunny  day and the drive went very fast.  I brought all of my girls with me, because I didn’t want to leave anyone behind. Only 1 at a time got to come into the store to shop with me!

I met a sales associate last year, I will call her “Bee” for the story. She is a total doll expert and helps me with all my doll questions and needs.  She is a “personal shopper” for this AG store.  I don’t know if you were aware that you can make an appointment ahead of time to have your own personal shopper shop with you for as long as you want!!!!! Bee helped me last year, and I just loved her so much I wanted to request he again. My mom sent her an email and lucky for me she was working on the weekend we had planned our trip.  Even though I knew what I wanted this year, even more then last It was nice to have Bee by my side.  She helps me pick products, narrow down selections to stay in budget, goes to the back and gets things that may not be out. You also don’t have to stand in line because she takes you right up to her spot, and you check out. She even personally pierces your dolls ears if you like.  She has helped me with hair styling tips( I needed help managing Rebecca’s curly hair)!

We stayed at a hotel right by the mall that offers an AG Doll package.  You get a room decked out in pink everything, a travel size AG branded doll bed, blanket and pillow that you get to keep. And they even bring you Milk and warm chocolate chips cookies at night before bed.  It just adds so much fun to the overall thrilling weekend.

On Sunday morning, we went back to the AG Store after a yummy breakfast of pancakes and swimming in the pool. I shopped for another hour, just taking in all the things I missed the day before. At noon my mom had made reservations to eat at the AG Bistro. For those of you who have not experienced this before, it is amazing. Your doll gets to sit with you in her very own seat, she gets a cup and saucer to keep, and special treatment.  The food is really good, and I got to decorate my own Lea themed cupcakes for desert.

I had saved up my $ for an entire year and had enough to purchase Lea, so welcome Lea to the family! I also saved up enough for 3 outfits(my mom bought me a few extra Lea thing 🙂

It was a super fun trip and I hope you enjoy my pictures.


ag store 2
Going to the AG Store (sorry my mom made me photo shop my face out 🙂
Isabelle wanted to pose in the Lea photo booth
ag store 1
My personal shopper Bee, best AG sales person on the planet!
My Lea, visiting her sister Lea in her rain forest hut
Oh my goodness, we even dress alike!
This hammock swing is awesome!
And there you are again, your everywhere!
Back at the hotel, with our AG Package room.
The crew!
At the bistro, these are the decorate your own cupcakes. One for your doll (or mom) and one for you!
OK, I just had to share this picture. In the bathroom there is a doll hanger in each stall and at the sink to keep your girls clean and germ free. AG thinks of everything.



22 thoughts on “Annual AG Store Visit 2016…What a trip!

    1. Well, Water is Rebecca’s hairs best friend! You need to wet it down, then use your finger or a fat crayola marker to make long curls. Our shopper Bee said that Rebecca’s curls like to fight you, but keep working with her and you can get it too look like the magazines.

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    1. Wow! And Bee sounds super nice wonderful! 🙂 I didn’t even plan it, but I bought all of my dolls 3 years apart. I guess I’ll wait and see who the new GOTY is in 2019 (that feels so strange to type right now, since it’s only 2016)!

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  1. This was so cool to read about. I’ve always wondered what the AG package hotel experience was like. Thanks for letting me know. I am a very lucky person and live only 25 min away from the Chicago AG store so I’ve never and will never do the hotel thing but that’s cool to see. I’ve also never eaten at the ag store. Do you have to have reservations or can you just walk in?

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