The Doll Family

Meet Stephanie from NYC!

I have not posted in a while. My mom went on a school trip with my oldest brother to Washington DC and New York City for 9 days.  She just got home, and is the one that helps me with my posts.

Some exciting news, while my mom was in NYC she bought herself a doll!!!! It is a Truly Me, that looks like my mom only with longer hair.  She wanted a longer hair doll because she loves to style. But my mom’s hair is actually the length of Kit’s.

Anyway, she brought her all the way home and surprised me (I had no idea she was thinking of getting her own doll) with this new addition to our AG family. She has a New York T-Shirt on, and star skirt. She named her Stephanie because that name was popular in the mid 70’s when my mom was born.  I am excited for my mom to have her first AG Doll!

New York in the background
I love her hat!
Green Eyes, and brown hair with bangs. Stephanie is so cute!

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