Outdoors with Dolls

Fairy Garden Fun……..

Today, Stephanie made her own Fairy Garden.  She used my Fairy Garden as inspiration for her own mini garden.  I think it turned out quit well, see for yourself!





I have always wanted to make my own Fairy Garden.
This gives me some great ideas!!
First I’ll put in this little magical house.
This is starting off great!
Then I will put in my Fairy, looking ever so cute.
Then her friend Mr.Gnome, he helps with the keeping of the garden.
Next, my one little “Hen & Chick” plant.
I’m going to take a break after working on my Fairy Garden. (Did you notice that I painted my bench, Periwinkle!)
What is that beautiful smell, Lavender?  I will pick one to put in a vase. My room will smell so good! Did you know that Lavender is calming?
Just enjoying the garden
Oh look, a Fairy came to visit and some frogs……
Shhhhhh…. Fairy’s Sleeping!
I invited Lea over to see my Fairy Garden. She brought along her sloth Bobby.
Bobby trying to get a closer view of the garden up on the rocks.

19 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Fun……..

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my story and seeing pictures of my fairy gardens. It is such a fun time to spend with my mom, we love to create fairy spaces together. They are so magical!!! My mom and I read your post on Fairy Gardens. I love the imagination part, because that is so true! PS, my mom and I also started following your blog, it was very inspirational!

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