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Summer Styles…..heading your way!

The weather has been beautiful where I live. We have had some record high temps which then gets me in the mood for Summer Styles!

Rebecca is modeling a handmade, one-of-akind outfit made by my grandma. She is wearing a very stylish stretch denim skirt, and Peplum top (See below for details). If you love the Polliwog shoes, I put a link below to the ebay listing you can get them from. There are many different colors to choose from.

I made this bench with my dad on Sunday night. He has a wood shop and I asked him if he could teach me how to build doll furniture. So, this is our first piece!Β  I still have to paint it, but couldn’t wait to show it to you all!

I hope you enjoy my post, and everyone is having a fabulous Spring, heading towards Summer!


Pattern: Liberty Jane Pattern for both top and skirt.

Top is Peplum top; fully lined bodice, back open & closes with Velcro for ease of on and off.

Skirt; Stretch Denim – pull on, pull off. Soft elastic waist.

Fabric: Top; Tutti Frutti in Pineapple Print

Fabric: Mini skirt; Stretch Denim

Shoes:Sophias Polliwogs




39 thoughts on “Summer Styles…..heading your way!

      1. Yes, some dolls do come with head tilts. It just depends on how the heads were attached. My Rebecca doll has a slight head tilt, too πŸ™‚


  1. Rebecca you are so adorable. I love your curls! You are the most perfect model for Kara’s new summer outfit. I really love the Polliwog shoes too! I must comment on your building skills they are fantastic. The bench is such a creative addition to your AGD collection.

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      1. It would be fun to ask your followers for ideas. If you choose white it may bounce too much light when taking pictures. Can you create polls on your blog?


      1. I especially like that your grandma makes the clothes for your dolls, and doesn’t buy them. Correct me if I’m wrong!
        Unfortunately, most of AG’s (and pretty much every other company that produces clothes) outfits are made in China, where workers have very unfair jobs. From what my mother has told me, they work more hours than most American workers, and get payed less! 😦

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      2. Exactly. That is why I like handmade doll clothes. There are also more fashionable options when you order from etsy shops like off the shoulder shirts and stuff. Soooo much cuter than ag stuff πŸ‘—

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